At Creative Power Systems we think of the worlds' energy situation a little differently. We believe the world does not have an energy shortage, it has an abundance of available energy sources. The only problem is the lack of an adequate energy storage and distribution system. The solution must be convenient and affordable to the end user and be a byproduct of systems and processes we already have in place.

Today's energy systems have been in place for almost a century without any major changes, no other technology has been this stagnant. Our current energy systems have not kept up with our current energy needs. Our one-size-fits-all approach to energy use has become antiquated and inefficient.

Engineered Power Systems will be the future, these systems will be designed to take advantage of today's excess available energy and engineered for our actual energy needs. They will take advantage of multiple sources of power, created and stored locally as well as using grid based resources. Utilizing many different sources of available energy is what we refer to as 'Beyond Hybrid'.

In the last few decades the automotive industry has exploded with enthusiasm towards engineered and hybrid systems, it is time for the rest of the energy industries to evolve to the next level. Portable and remote power needs will lead this change as the existing grid infrastructure becomes obsolete. At Creative Power Systems our products are designed for specific applications and engineered to use the best available energy resources.

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